When The Time Is Right…

October 12, 2012


Sometimes things get introduced into the marketplace before they are fully baked, before the marketplace is ready for them, or both.

A classic example was/is “e-prescribing.”  I had the opportunity to do much of the marketing research on this technology when it was originally introduced years ago. Young, start up companies doing an amateurish, unstandardized roll out to physician offices that saw no need for it. And once deployed, the technology often failed to work.  An expensive, embarrassing faux pas!

Now doctors recognize the need for e-prescribing.  It is built into most physician office computer systems.  Hardware and software actually work, systems are standardized, on-line formularies are kept up to date and the whole ball of wax is under adult supervision.  It is very different the second time around.

So are a lot of things.  A recent article cogently outlines how in healthcare,  “déjà vu all over again” (Sorry!  I didn’t say it, the author did!!!) can actually make a lot of sense if the offering has become more sophisticated and/or the marketplace more accepting since the first time it saw the light of day.

Go to:


to see a whole list of important healthcare concepts that have risen from the grave.

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