Trump and Healthcare IT as Seen by a Healthcare CIO

Dr. Halamka

More specifically, as seen by Dr. John Halamka, pictured above, who is Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Center, a Full Professor at Harvard Medical School and lots of other things too numerous to mention. Cutting to the chase, when he pens a blog like this one, sharing his predictions as to what the Trump presidency will mean for healthcare IT in the U.S., we have reason to listen.

The specific predictions are sufficiently important that you should go and read them. His overarching thought, however, is that things in government change slowly, so no one should anticipate significant changes overnight. HOWEVER, he recommends that those involved in healthcare IT should stay nimble and ready to profit from the changes that will inevitably be coming, and to cut costs to avoid difficulty when a squeeze occurs as a result of these changes.

Bottom Line. I think John himself provides the most appropriate bottom line here:

 “Working together and staying focused, above the fray of politics, we can make a difference.”

Sounds right!

One Response to “Trump and Healthcare IT as Seen by a Healthcare CIO”

  1. Glenna Crooks Says:

    Nice blog. Hope he’s right about some of those predictions.

    Concerning negotiating drug prices, though. If Medicaid goes back to the states, that leaves the Feds with only Medicare (and VA/DoD) authority. Given that 87% of drugs prescribed for the elderly (at least last time I looked at the data) are generic, that’s going to be an interesting negotiation. I’m guessing they think they’re going after big pharma and don’t realize the volume is on the generic side.


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