The Day The Pediatricians Quit


About a year ago, my wife and I watched a preposterous show about a South Carolina town, Yemassee, where for one week all of the women were spirited away on a vacation leaving the men and children to fend for themselves. What happened under those circumstances is pretty much what you would expect, so I won’t belabor the dysfunction that befell this little town off of I-95.

I will, however, call your attention to this blog, which posits a hypothetical day when Pediatricians walk away from their practices en masse. Why? They got fed up with the pushback they are getting from parents armed with Internet Information, social trends causing them to have to spend additional time overcoming nonsensical patient objections, etc.

Bottom Line. This post actually got me to pondering how much foolishness doctors are in fact going to tolerate before they lay down their stethoscopes.  Much of the contents of my blog posts bemoans “stuff” that doctors must increasingly tolerate, and the notion of them going “on strike” for a while might well be a good thing for healthcare. 

Think about it!

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  1. Glenna Crooks Says:

    Love this. I’m not even a clinician, but having been in the vaccine industry, I face something similar from friends and colleagues. And, I’ve learned my lesson: when strangers on planes or at parties ask me what I do, I never mention pharma or vaccines. Makes flights easier and parties more fun.


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