Siri and Alexa Do Health Care

February 13, 2018

Digital Health

As I sit and write this post, my wife is telling Alexa several things she needs to be added to her shopping list in anticipation of our Super Bowl party. Alexa acknowledges and complies with the request.

Check this out. What you will see is the “promise of smart health care.”  Interesting, actually. As you read about seamlessly automated information being applied to a hypothetical patient’s pregnancy, you will quickly start to realize that there is nothing that is being described that can’t be done. Right now. Based on technology available today, and already in use in our homes.

Ponder how much better our healthcare experience would be if such technology were in use. Seamless integration, rather than the patchwork quilt of disjointed and unconnected glop that we now face when dealing with a complex medical issue. Even pregnancy! Want to put a dose of reality into patient centricity, patient focus and other pieces of healthcare jive talk? This can do it!

Bottom Line. So, the technology is available for the cost-effective delivery of the kind of patient journey we see described in this article.  All we need is a first mover to make the journey described in this article a reality. Will be that first mover?  One additional URL to scope out to help you to answer this question.

Watch this one!

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