November 10, 2017

Health Costs, Marketing Strategy

EpiPen small

Or is it just business as usual? Check out this article. What you will see is the suggestion that EpiPen’s falling revenue stream in 2017 can be interpreted as  “pricing scandal bites back.”

Maybe. Or. Perhaps it is just what happens when a well-priced generic hits the market. Such entries of generic equivalents for market brand leaders are typically followed, as we know all too well, by what the Mylan CEO amusingly describes as “accelerated deceleration” of the branded product’s sales.

Bottom Line.  Do we really believe that physicians and/or patients actually want to get back at Mylan for their scandalous behavior, or do we think that doctors, patients and formularies simply want a more attractively priced alternative?

I’m guessing probably a little bit of each. What do you think?

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