Results More Important Than Brands???

February 9, 2018


Take a look at this. Then scratch your head like I did. Why? Lots of reasons. Like the apparent amazement at the finding that product results are more important than “brand.” I would have guessed that for pharmaceutical products, results are a part of the brand image, but what do I know?

Just so, I am somewhat amazed by the apparent astonishment that “only 38%” of patients felt that they had “a lot of knowledge” about products coming on the market to treat their conditions. What does “a lot” of knowledge mean, and why do patients have to have it? And why would they want to have it even before they are diagnosed?

Bottom Line. IMHO, seldom does one see such a collection of jive talk in one brief piece as we see here. Of course, “patient centricity” is worked into the conversation here to round out the platitudinous tour de force.

Here’s my question. Why do patients need to have a “lot” of knowledge about most drugs that are being introduced? Isn’t that why we have doctors? And why would we expect patients to focus in on a product that treats a condition that they haven’t even been diagnosed as having?

Here’s my answer. It is so difficult to legitimate the DTC advertising of most drugs that pundits need to come up with this stuff to get the activity to be taken seriously. Maybe this nonsense ought to stop! 

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