Quit Beating A Dead Horse???

Kevin Campbell

This post would actually be pretty amusing if it weren’t so goofy. Read it, and you will see a Cardiologist bemoaning the fact that so much money is still being wasted on Pharmaceutical Representatives. Money that could better be spent elsewhere including, you guessed it, on the lowering of drug prices. The day of the PSR, the doctor opines, has come and gone.

BUT. Here is the goofy part. Everything in this article has been said a thousand times before, so the blogger who wants pharma to stop beating a dead horse is himself guilty of equine cadaver abuse.

Bottom Line. BUT. Here is the really goofy part. Despite how many times these hackneyed phrases have been intoned, there are still Pharmaceutical Representatives showing up in this Cardiologist’s office every day, interrupting work flow and serving no discernible benefit in the world of 2016 and beyond.


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  1. Jim McD Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if a Pharma company actually reminded Docs what value they brought to the table (itemized) AND then asked them how they would (situationally) like to be contacted in order to deliver that value. It used to be called “permission” marketing. The first company to do it would get considerable kudos!


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