Physician Specialties Most Likely To Be Made Obsolete By Artificial Intelligence???


I bet most of you could figure this one out on your own. If not, the graphic above might provide some assistance. Okay, here’s the deal. The medical specialties most likely to be replaced by machines are those that center around pattern recognition. Yup, Radiology and Pathology. As you will see in this article, these specialties are among the most highly paid in medicine. Yet. Practicing these specialties successfully is largely dependent on having developed an acute ability to do visual pattern recognition. Guess what. Machines are better at pattern recognition than human beings are. Far better.

Bottom Line. Saving on physician salaries, of course, is really only the secondary benefit here. More important is the improvement in diagnostic accuracy that should result from AI’s superior pattern recognition.

Look for this revolution to come fairly quickly. Quickly enough that I don’t know that I would tell my kids to enter a Radiology Residency in 2017!!!


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