About Richard

Healthcare marketing /marketing research trailblazer, Richard Vanderveer, Ph.D., is now running his latest venture, rbV3. A consumer and industrial psychologist, he has spent over 40 years studying the decision-making processes of physicians, patients and other healthcare stakeholders.


He has launched several of the pharmaceutical marketing industry’s most successful companies, including roles as:

Group Chief Executive Officer, GfK U.S. Healthcare Companies

Chief Executive Office, Gfk V2

President, V2

Chief Creative Officer, Medical Marketing Group

President, Physician MicroMarketing, Inc.

CEO and Chairman, The Vanderveer Group, Inc.

President, R.B. Vanderveer, Ph.D. and Associates, Inc.


Over the years just about every major pharmaceutical company has turned to Richard for advice on a range of marketing issues earning him recognition as an expert in the development of product positioning, promotional platforms and physician segmentation. He is now working with entrepreneurs and more established business leaders to help them better understand the business, its providers, and customers.


Richard is a speaker known for his engaging style and deep level of knowledge. He has lectured on innovation in healthcare marketing and marketing research at countless industry meetings including several of the PMRG, PBIRG, IIR, and EphMRA annual conferences.


In addition to his daily blog, he has written numerous articles on innovation in healthcare marketing and marketing research, not only to challenge new thinking, but also to provide specific and practical advice. He is currently a contributor to Medical, Marketing & Media magazine.