Keep It Going!!!

Keep It Going!!!

We have already talked about this case. A nurse arrested for “failing” to follow a policeman’s orders to draw blood from an unconscious patient who wasn’t charged with anything. No warrant. No nothing!!!

But take a few moments and read this blog post. Importantly, it provides a nurse’s very lucid perspective on this matter. Two things pop out at me that I had not considered when I first read about this.  First is the fact that the officer said he had never had a nurse deny his order to draw blood before. As is pointed out very clearly here, this means that previously, other staff members had apparently violated patients’ rights since they were unaware of the hospital policy, were scared of the cops, or all of the above.

Second, the blogger suggests that given that this matter has gone viral and gotten its 15 minutes of fame, nurses need to use this opportunity to make sure that members of their profession receives the respect they deserve. Quietly doing their jobs won’t cut it. They need to speak up, and take some of the actions enumerated in this post to keep the matter in the public eye AND to get the protection that they clearly need.

Bottom Line. I continue to marvel at the studies, reported in this blog in the last couple of weeks, that found that healthcare workers are second only to law enforcement officers in terms of the level of personal risk that they face simply by going to work. 

 WOW! Here is a great opportunity for a healthcare company to step in and make a very positive impression by helping those on the “front lines” (!!!) to figure out how to protect themselves.

 How about your company???

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