It Should Start Early

December 6, 2017

Physician Stakeholders

Direct Care West

We’ve talked a lot about physician burnout. We have often referred you to the works of Pamela Wible, a physician who runs retreats and mounts other interventions in an effort to minimize the number of cases in which physician burnout results in suicide.

BUT. While these efforts are meaningful and important, maybe they are just a Band-Aid. Maybe the long-term fix lies in training physicians early on in their careers to take control of their own destinies. Getting them to study “business.” Not Accounting 101, but the kind of business studies necessary to manage a career in medicine. More specifically, a career for Primary Care Physicians in a Direct Patient Care (DPC) practice. Retail medicine without the intervention of insurers, corporations, etc.

Check this out. What you will see is Direct Care West, a student led organization dedicated to teaching medical students and residents how to set up and run a DPC practice.

Bottom Line. While DPC works for some PCP’s serving some patients, it doesn’t work for all of primary care, and certainly doesn’t work for the other specialties. BUT. The principle of teaching doctors to enter a world in which they are in control is a generalizable notion that deserves further consideration.

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