Is Aetna Going To Become Aepple???

October 17, 2016

Future of Health Insurance


According to this recent report, Aetna is going to start to subsidize the purchase of Apple Watches by their members.  Why? From Aetna’s side, the theory is that the watch’s standard health apps, supplemented by some custom apps they are developing, will keep their members healthier and thus provide a positive return on investment. Apple’s motivation is clear. The Apple Watch has not exactly been jumping off the shelf, and thus this is good way to move 50,000 out of the warehouse to Aetna employees, who will get them for free, and potentially millions more if this program gets rolled out to members.

Bottom Line. One of the great disappointments of the Apple Watch has been its failure to revolutionize the world of health and wellness “wearables.” Will this alliance move the meter on this parameter? I am guessing not, but I would like to be wrong.

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One Response to “Is Aetna Going To Become Aepple???”

  1. Glenna Crooks Says:

    I’m with you. The interest in wearables is still limited to a narrow slice of the population, generally those early adopters who are ‘personal quantifiers.’ The day may come with others join in, but I’d not bank on it just yet.

    I’m wearing two devices now. Past the first week, the only thing keeping me going is the fact that I’m in a clinical study. The results get released later this week at which time, I’ll be glad to trash them both. I have a list of about 15 items that earn these devices the ‘bad UX’ award of the year. One of those is the difficulty of reading iPhone screens. And so, about the Apple watch? Don’t get me started….


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