Here We Go Again $$$


Check out this piece. It’s a thorough introduction and description of Spinraza, the first effective therapy for spinal muscle atrophy, an otherwise fatal disease. The only kicker is that, as the article clearly discusses and virtually bemoans, Spinraza has the potential to be the most expensive drug on the market. $125,000 per dose, with multiple annual doses and life-long therapy being required. Predictions, DUH!!!, are that this pricing level will draw heavy criticism up to and including potential Trumponian midnight tweets.

Bottom Line. Think $600 Epipens drew major flack? Watch this one! Action points? The manufacturer desperately needs to mount its own public relations campaign asking the only question that matters here, i.e., “What is a child’s life worth?”


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  1. Glenna Crooks Says:

    Not just the life of one child, but others in the family who are impacted.

    Hat’s off to Biogen for taking this on, regardless of what critics may come their way, and may this drug be found useful for other conditions over time.

    This is the future of innovation. Get used to it policymakers.


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