Good Question, What Is A “Micropractice?”

Micro practice

Check this out for an answer to this thorny question. According to this blogging physician, a micropractice is nothing more and nothing less than a doctor practicing “in a small office.” According to the description offered, this apparent return to basics can cure many of the ills and inefficiencies that are found when practices morph into the huge operations that many have become.

Bottom Line. My first reaction to this neologism was to laugh out loud. BUT. When I thought more about it, the notion of at least a subset of practices going back to basics made some sense to me. Overhead has overcome many practices, and the result is that both physicians and patients suffer as everyone scurries to pay for the overhead. 

 Spend a couple of minutes to explore the blogging physician’s website. There you will learn what Dr. Leeds holds out to be the advantages of this approach to medicine, so that you can more intelligently ponder the plusses and minuses here.

 For some doctors, for some patients, this going “back to basics” could be a logical move!

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  1. Glenna Crooks Says:

    I have a friend who is an NP and in practice with a solo physician in Texas. It’s cash only, no insurance. They have patients lined up every day and are doing quite well financially. He makes good points in this blog.


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