Chemo Yes, Flu Shot No!?!?!

November 8, 2016

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Sunrise Rounds

Fascinating post by our blogging Oncologist. Seems that it is often easier for him to talk a patient into receiving chemotherapy, even after a horrific explanation of likely and potential side effects, than it is to get a patient to take a relatively benign and safe flu shot. This despite the fact that influenza is often a killer of patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

How can this be? How indeed! The blogger certainly hasn’t figured out the answer.

Bottom Line. Think about this for a moment. What can this crazy example teach us about working with patients to get them to take rational approaches to their own healthcare?



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  1. Glenna Crooks Says:

    Oh, my life for many years. I avoid even mentioning I work in the vaccine arena if I can help it.

    I’ve come to believe this: people have the right to make vaccine decisions, but they then have the responsibility for the consequences if they don’t.

    I like the approach of Stan Gall, MD. He gives his office staff free flu shots. If they get the shot and then get the flu, they get paid sick leave. If they don’t get the shot and then get the flu, they don’t get paid sick leave.

    I once suggested something similar for pneumo vaccine and Medicare. Pneumo is the third leading cause of admission to a hospital (at least the last time I looked at the data) after childbirth and heart attack. And, we have a vaccine for it. Why should Medicare pay for the hospitalization that might have been prevented by the vaccine? If people choose not to get it (for any reason other than a medical contraindication or a religious objection), why should Medicare pay for their hospitalization?

    Just sayin’…..


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